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Hi. My name is Talha and I teach all the practical digital skills which will help you get work and get hired.

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What Previous Students Say

He is a fantastic teacher. He makes even complex tasks very simple by breaking them down in an easy to remember way. Highly recommend!

Joseph Shaffer

One of the best online classes I ever attended. I learned a lot, its very informative and step by step totally clear. Thank you for your great efforts.

Maryanna Mohsen

This is one of the best Photoshop beginners course ever! I already knew the basics but not as much as he told me. And I loved how he made the lectures more engaging by throwing in some humor.

Murtaza Nadeem

One of the best structured classed I have come across. Each module is very specific and to the point. Talha is extremely easy to understand and a very approachable instructor.

Muskkaan B.

Awesome course for beginners. Bhailog Digital train and also make newbies comfortable in using Adobe Photoshop. Best course. Highly recommended for beginners. 5/5 from side.

Ali Murtaza

I'm new to Photoshop and this class taught me a lot! it was also super helpful to do the tasks along with Talha and with time get more familiar with the tools and how to use them. Thanks for this excellent class.

Vilas Nandanwar

Honestly. Sir Talha Bhatti is a Talented Graphic designer instructor. His course has over 150 videos in which each technique is brilliantly explained which make u a pro-level designer I'm really enjoying this PS Advance Course

Matt Diovani

This session taught me a lot about Photoshop because I'm new to it. Thank you so much for this fantastic class. If you want to be a designer and want to learn photoshop So I will definitely recommend this to you. keep creating!

Haris Fakhir

Best instructor ever. I took many online classes but that is one of the very unique and easy to follow and understand instructor.

Maryanna Mohsen

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